Self love

Happy Friday everyone!

Today, we've decided to emphasise a paramount concept "self love".

What does "self love" really mean to you and how important is it for you?

Self love can be defined as the ability to perceive what's good in you and to love yourself unconditionally.

You are the only one that can love you no matter what.

Self love encompasses terms such as confidence, willingness, strength, determination, and so forth...

Self love is critical for your well-being, happiness, and success.

It's essential in your personal as well as in your professional life.

As of your personal life, try to ask yourself this question: If I don't love myself, can I really let anyone else love me?

You have to keep in mind that if you don't learn how to love yourself, no one else will.

You are the only one that can alter your vision about yourself.

Learning how to love yourself is long and tricky especially if you constantly underestimate yourself.

To get started, you could plan a daily routine.

Every morning when you wake up, think of 4 things that you deeply love about you and say it outloud.

If you do this everyday, it will gradually become an habit and it will doubtlessly increase your confidence.

Confidence is the first step towards loving yourself.

The more confidence you will acquire, the more you will appreciate yourself and what's incredibly beautiful in you.

If you appreciate yourself, you will start chinging your style and wear things that are literally you.

If you like what you are wearing, then you will feel great in your body and your perception of you will instantly change.



How can The Cataleya Boutique help you reach your goal?


We are a lingerie brand so we are specialized in nice underwears, even sexy ones.

Our concern is to value people.

Each person deserves to be greatly valued.

If people feel valued, they will start thinking of what's really valuable in them.

If you particularly love lingerie, then you may look at what would fit you.

You might think: "Ohh I would look great in this underwear, let me buy it".

Lingerie will elegantly value your forms while emphasising and revealing your feminity.

All women are beautiful, they are all beautiful because they are all different.

Differences expand beauty and diversity.

No one is perfect, this is what makes people unique.

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