Our 1st Pop-Up Shop!

Heyy Love!!! 

Where do I begin?!!! O-M-G... We had our first pop-up shop and the emotional rollercoaster I had!! 

The week of the pop-up shop I had run all my errands to get everything prepped. I went to Dollar tree, Michael's, Target, Party City, Burlington and Walgreens. Curious to know what I bought from these store? Just scroll all the way down and you will see a list!

Fast forward the night before of the event, I had to get everything ready before putting them in the car. As always, me being me I leave things for last and new ideas come up lol. I had to go thru all my inventory and bag them but also get a sticky note write the name, color and size (it made it easier for me to find them for the customer), get Stassi and Lala ready (my models aka mannequins), and made sure all my decorations where in the container. After moving everything to the car (shout out to my boyfriend for helping me!♥), when it was time to go to sleep... I just couldnt!!! I kept getting up every hour to pee, mentally preparing myself for the event, and giving myself a pep talk! Lmaoo NO im not weird/crazy. I had so many emotions that day to the point that I was close to backing down, but I made sure not to let it happen!! 

FINALLY, the day is here! I got up at 8am, got ready and took my time with my hair.. which by the way I would love to mention I was obsessed with my hairstyle! Giving myself credit for it!! Lol. Met up with my bestfriend (thank you again bestfriend for being there with me, I swear you are the BESTEST!!!), and we finally arrived to the event. Let me just say Shout out to Nina's Pop-Up Shop, you ladies are AMAZING!!! I loved how they made me feel comfortable, and part of their team!! They even gave us all a Toast with Sangria :D  (it was delicious). 

Now, I know you are all wondering if I sold anything.... YESSSSS I SOLD 3 ITEMS!!!!!! 3!!!! I am overly happy and grateful for the ladies that purchased from me!!! And guess what?? They were my first 3 purchase orders since I launched in Oct 19! After 2 months, I finally sold 3 of my items and honestly I was shaking so much and had a huge smile in my face, because in that moment I knew I wasn't going to doubt myself again!! I knew I can do this, and so many more ideas came up in my head that I cant wait to make it happen!!! 

This was one of many BEST DAY EVER!!! ♥

Things I bought:
Dollar tree: 4 Vases, small foam balls, fake Orchid flowers, bath salt that smelled like vanilla, 2 white picture frames, Silver gem roll, Candy's, 16 white gift bags, 3 bags of red stuffing tissue, and glue to diy lol
Michael's: Red tissue paper
Target: Gift Tags
Party City: Gems & Pearls
Burlington: Cloud rug
Walgreen's: 2 pictures 


Ps: I do want to apologize if this wasn't a great worded blog post, but I will try to get better. This is new to me and I actually like it lol.


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