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Hi my loves!

My name is Yoleisis, and I am the owner of Cataleya Boutique (:

Lets start in the beginning of how we got here...

Cataleya Boutique launched on Oct 2020. And it sure has been a rollercoaster since then! 

At first Cataleya Boutique wasn't going to be a lingerie/intimates boutique, it was actually going to be a regular boutique selling preppy clothes. But one day I realized that I'm not into fashion trends and I barely know how to keep up with it myself lol. So then I decided to do lingerie/intimates instead since it's something I know... what do I mean? My first job was at Victoria Secret, and it was one of my best experiences EVER! I loved learning about the products/collections, to the point I memorized it all (even till this day)! Although it was a lil part time job while I was attending highschool, it definitely was a job that impacted me the most. Not only from the employees and benefits, but from having connections with customers and hearing their stories! THAT right there made my days and job a lot easier!! I LOVED connecting with the ladies, and hearing their stories (it would be about literally anything, uncensored lol). Don't get me wrong I was an extremely shy person, but something about talking to them just took me out of my comfort zone and made me feel alive!! Sooo.. from thinking back about those days and how much I enjoyed the connections, seeing the smiles on their faces when I found what they were looking for and just how happy they feel in it.. I decided to go on this path and bring this feeling back again but this time for my customers<3!! 

Fun Fact: Cataleya means Orchid. Orchid represents Luxury, Beauty, Love & Strength

The name fit in so perfectly!! I always loved the name "Cataleya" and did you know its from the movie "Colombiana featuring Zoe Saldana (many people say I kind of look like her lol)". Ever since I seen that movie in 2011, I have never forgotten that name!! I literally tried naming my 1st car after it, but it just didn't fit in right.. but when I decided to have my boutique and name it Cataleya... it just fit right like its where it belong! ♥


Alright, now let me give you a bit of random info about me (Yoleisis)!

I am currently 27 years old, born & raised in Miami, FL. I have a 1 year old son and a daughter (due in Sept) ♥

Random Things About Me:

* I am a Virgo 

* My parents are from Nicaragua and Cuba

* My 3 Favorite Junk Food - Taco Bell, Chick Fil-A, and McDonalds 

* I believe in spirituality, universe, angel numbers and manifestation (not an easy journey but so interesting and still learning)

* I love dancing Bachata (of course my favorite band is Aventura, always!)

* My first celebrity concert was "Hilary Duff", oh yeaa I was her fan when I was very young! Don't judge, I'm sure you watched her show Lizzie McGuire (which was the BOMB). Lol, at the concert I even had a shirt with her face on it!! 

* Some of you will probably hate me for saying this lol ... I prefer Pepsi than Coca-Cola, but I would still drink it without a problem lol

* Strawberry flavor is life, any strawberry dessert/drinks!!!

* My type of favorite purses are from Kate Spades

* Tequila used to be my go-to liquor (between the age 18-20; Lol yes that's when I started clubbing, but the party life started in like middle school lol. I just really enjoy dancing a lot to spanish music)

* Myspace was fucking awesome, I enjoyed the coding to make my profile different

* My first phone I had it with Cingular, it was a Nokia (if you know, you know! Lol)



Welp! There's a few really random things about me, If you want to get to know me more please follow our social media pages and chat with me! <3 Thank you so much for reading this!

-Yoleisis <3

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Hi Yoli! Congrats on your new journey! This is very YOU! Im so happ you have found what makes you hapoy. Many blessi n.v gs with your new baby, and your beautiful fam! Love u girl!


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